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Music Fonts
Sicilian Numerals (Figured Bass, Roman Numeras, etc.)
Ghent Percusion & Ghent Mallets Font Set (Percussion Symbols, etc.)
Rehearsal Font Set (Set of Three)

Composition & Analysis Tools
Simple Metric Modulations
Interval Vector Calculator

Sicilian Numerals
Figured Bass and Roman Numeral Font
Figured Bass
figured bass examle
Roman Numerals
Roman numerals example
Augmented Sixth Chords
chord notation example
Schenkerian Analysis
Schenkerian Analysis

Ghent Percussion Font Set
Instrument, mallet, and playing method symbols
Ghent Percussion

Now in widespread usage, these symbols were developed at the Ghent Conference on music notation. 54 instruments, 25 mallets, 12 playing method symbols (center, rim, open/closed hi-hat, etc.), upper and lower alpha characters.
Ghent percussion font

Ghent Mallets

In response to user requests for more flexibility in indicating sticks and beaters, Ghent Mallets allows for any combination of symbols (with mallet-head up and handle-end up), either boxed or plain. Characters are also provided for hand, fist, finger, finger nail, +, -, numbers, parenthesis, and other usesful symbols.
ghent percussion mallets

Rehearsal Font Set
Flexible, easy-to-use rehearsal symbols. Set of three.

Rehearsal Helvetica
rehearsal font (helvetica)
Rehearsal Times
rehearsal symbols (times)

Rehearsal Simple

rehearsal numbersrehearsal markings
Simple Metric Modulations
Quickly and easily find modulations between two tempos
metric modulation, tempo marking, analysis tool
Enter two tempos to quickly find metric modulation possibilities. Or, enter a starting tempo and to find which faster or slower tempos you can modulate to using relatively simple note values.

Available in demo and full versions for Macintosh and Windows.
Interval Vector Calculator
A quick way to find interval vectors on sets up to six notes
interval vector composition tool
The entire interface is shown above. Simply enter the note names on the left and the interval vector appears on the right. This 24 K file requires Excel (any version/platform).

September 18, 2010